Sunday, 20 September 2009

Richmondshire Citizenship awards, and the Hairy Bikers ride into town

Blimey! It's been almost a week since I wrote anything in here, but in my own defence it has been just about the busiest week ever! Wednesday night I was in Hipswell, near Catterick Garrison, hosting the annual State of the District debate and presenting the Citizenship Awards. I'd been on the judging panel a few weeks earlier, and I must say it was a tough job with a lot of the categories. I was pleased to be able to hand out awards to joint winners in the Arts category though, with both North Country Theatre and the Georgian Theatre Royal equally deserving. Many others received well-deserved awards on the night, including the tea-rooms at Scotton, and a company called thecitysecret. It was a well-organised event, and probably the best-attended since I became involved a few years ago. But, it was yet another late night and I was looking forward to relaxing after work on Thursday - no such luck!

The Hairy Bikers - alias Dave and Si - had rolled into town and were filming at Bolton Abbey. I went along after work to watch them film an episode of their new series, due to be broadcast on BBC2 next spring. How on earth they get anything into the can is beyond me - they're just hysterically funny to watch, and hugely entertaining! They also seemed to be genuinely nice lads to talk to when I chatted to the pair after filming was over for the day. We ran the whole fascinating interview on Breakfast on Friday morning.

Saturday again I thought I'd get a chance to relax after doing the news in the morning, but then I realised I had an appointment to go to meet William Lambert, chairman of the Gayle Mill Trust. We're planning another up Close and Personal with the creator of The Bradshaws, Buzz Hawkins as part of his mini-tour of the Dales, and William had told me some time ago how much he'd enjoy a show in the mill. Ticket sales are doing well for the Tempest at Elslack on the 10th of October, so it made sense to get something else organised in the wake. I took Buzz's publicist Jennifer Shaw up to Gayle Mill to show her around, and give her a feel of the place, and after a useful meeting with William we went on a tour of the area to find more locations for the Breakfast Show's Billy Bradshaw's Brain-buster. I eventually got back just after 7pm, just in time to visit the Mrs in hospital, then back home for an early night! Er, no - I remembered I had a complete quiz to write and record, so I made a start on that when I got in, and promptly fell asleep at my laptop!

Pictures: Top: Hairy Biker Si King, myself and Dave Myers. Bottom: Gayle Mill, Gayle near Hawes, where Buzz Hawkins is set to appear "Up close and personal"

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