Thursday, 22 July 2010

I need a slap!

I've been so slow in updating this blog, I've been told I need a slap! Been away on holiday for the first time in two years, and it was simply incredible. We had 7 days in Sweden with some very good friends - swam in the Baltic, where the water temperature was five degrees higher than the outside temperature at Broughton! We went on a cruise - again in the Baltic - and I actually went into the on-board nightclub! Had a smorgasbord for the first time ever, ate a lot of caviare (for me) and even tried some eel!
The temperature didn't drop below 28 degrees, reaching an incredible 34 degrees at one stage while we were in Stockholm. And people can knock Ryanair as much as they like, but they got four of us us there and back on time for just over £380 return in total! Some pics have been posted on Facebook, but I'll put a complete slideshow on Picasaweb very soon. Beware though - we took over 500 in total!