Sunday, 11 October 2009

Buzz Hawkins at the Tempest Arms

What can I say? Another brilliant night from Buzz, well attended, and enjoyed immensely by all who were there - all but one that is! (More about him later).
As expected the Tempest proved to be a great venue, with just enough room to seat the audience comfortably, and despite the fact the place was already heaving with people wanting to dine we were made very welcome. They also provided a great little "Lucky Bag" for everyone who bought a ticket, crammed with lots of those sweets that everyone remembered from their childhood - sherbet dips, flying saucers, penny chews. In fact I'm eating the paper off a black-jack as I write! Buzz as always was on excellent form, but I've come to expect that anyway. Despite the fact that I'm writing this early on Sunday morning, I've already had some great feedback from members of the audience too. BUT - there was just one person who did nothing but whinge. He'd travelled up from the Midlands and was staying in a pub in Eastby. He got into conversation with my wife - and just moaned, and moaned and moaned. He started having a go at me first;
Miserable git: "Is that your husband, the bloke from the radio? Huh, his voice sounds a lot younger than he looks!"
Wife (ignoring comment): "Where do you come from?" Miserable git: "Burton on Trent"
Wife "Oh, I've got relatives down there, they live in Meir" Miserable git; "Meir? what a sh**hole that is!"
Wife (ignoring second rude comment): "Where are you staying tonight?" Miserable git:  "A village called Eastby - that's a right sh**hole too!"
EASTBY??? He must have discovered another Eastby that we don't know about - it's a lovely place, nestled just below the fell on the fabulous run across from Barden to Embsay, with a marvelous pub too.
Anyway, back to the conversation, by which time the wife was losing the will to live. By this stage I'm playing a Michael Buble track as background music
Miserable Git: "Does that radio station play Michael Buble then?" Wife: "Yes" Miserable Git: "Bye then!"
But that sadly wasn't the end of the conversation; his final remark was to start "slagging off" the Tempest. He reckoned he couldn't tell whether it was a pub, a restaurant or a leisure complex. Now I know I'm likely to be fairly defensive of the place, but the most recent accolades - and the two packed car parks - must surely speak volumes by themselves. It's literally just been voted the UK Food Pub of the Year too, and justifiably so. It's warm, friendly, extremely comfortable and very, very popular. But this guy was having none of it.
Miserable git: "This place is also a "sh**hole" and the food is far too expensive".
Now MG, if you're looking for the sort of food you obviously enjoy, might I suggest a little "Greasy Spoon" on the A1 near Newark - as you head back to where you belong! I'm SO pleased you enjoyed your trip "oop north" but I'm sure you'll forgive me MG, when I say we're very, very glad to see the back of you! Oh, and by the way, can I suggest you take back a couple of Yorkshire beers with you, to show them in Burton how it should be done!
By the way, our "Up close and personal" tour with Buzz Hawkins moves up to Gayle Mill near Hawes next month. It's on the 14th of November, possibly with a matinee on the 15th, depending on how ticket sales go. We're also hoping to put on a show in Sedbergh or Kirkby Stephen, and either Richmond or Catterick Garrison - but PLEASE  - only enquire about tickets if you have a sense of humour - and if you're from anywhere in the Midlands you WILL need an entry visa! Keep listening to Fresh Radio for more details.
Top; Buzz chats to Alf Bradshaw has he takes a bath.
Bottom; The Tempest Arms on one of those extremely rare occasions when there was space in the car park

POSTSCRIPT: It would seem (from a phone call I received this morning) that the gent in question DID enjoy the show - it's just the rest of the world as we know it above Doncaster that he despises (and Meir)!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Buzz Hawkins, Phil Cool and Masterbrain - oh, and Harry Gration!

A quick word about Harry Gration - he popped into the studio to talk about his new book, all about his sporting heroes. For those of you out of the BBC Leeds broadcast area, Harry is a journalist of 40 years standing, and currently fronts Look North on BBC1 from Leeds, with Christa Ackroyd. Harry's a really nice guy, and quite an expert on sport, emphasising on cricket (which I know precisely nothing about!) His new book (left) is published by Dalesman.

It's Up Close and Personal with Buzz Hawkins at the Tempest in Elslack tonight. Buzz will appear from 8pm, and I gather some tickets are still available at the door.

All ticket sales for Phil Cool at Rolls Royce Leisure are now being handled by the club management. Phil's appearing on Saturday the 24th of October, with all profits from the evening going to the Air Ambulance. I had a word with Phil the other day, and he's very much looking forward to coming across to Barnoldswick.

Masterbrain? Not sure what's going to happen yet - I sent a bulk e-mail out a couple of weeks ago inviting people to come along to the event, which again will raise money for the Air Ambulance. Sadly only five people have bothered to respond! Watch this space for latest developments. Masterbrain and the Inter-pub Quiz Challenge is planned for the 31st of October (Halloween) and is the very last event organised by the (former) club committee at Rolls.