Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Reeth Show

It's 6pm, and we've just got back from Swaledale. We've been to Reeth Show which, despite less than pleasant weather, was great! Had some excellent fish and chips, talked to the team at Swaledale Mountain Rescue, and show president Kathleen Brown. We also had a very interesting chat with the guys from Mainsgill Farm which has resulted in an invitation for Julian and I to go along and make some sausages - should be fun! Having also had a very interesting chat with a lady from Kirkby Stephen I think I may have a recipe for chutney, which will blow Julian's chances of beating me in the Tempest Chutney competition right out of the water!
Once again my waxed jacket failed me (as it did at Ribblehead a couple of weeks ago), and leaked water horrendously, so I had to go down into Richmond and buy a new one. Posh boots stood up well though, so no complaints there. Hopefully I'll have a short package about the show ready for Breakfast tomorrow, which will include an interview with William Lambert, who I bumped into at the show. Many thanks to the kind lady who lent me her Orange mobile phone to do a live piece into Steve's programme. Despite having an O2 and a Virgin mobile with me, neither had a signal in Reeth, so she certainly saved the day!

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