Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Fresh Wedding of the Year

And what a great day it was too! There had been a bit of a dodgy forecast for the weekend earlier this week, but come the day it couldn't have been better!

Steve and Pam Mawdesley tied the knot in style, at the Rendezvous Hotel in Skipton. The couple have been listeners to Fresh Radio for more years than either cares to remember, so it was excellent news when the results came back from Rendezvous following our on-air competition earlier this year. We'd invited entries in the form of letters saying why you deserved to win the wedding of a lifetime, valued at £4,000 and provided by Rendezvous. And I have to confess we weren't prepared for what was to follow, with some lovely, and in a lot of cases very heartwarming letters - and, more than one turned up in support of Steve and Pam! Julian and I and the team at Fresh were VERY grateful we didn't have to make the decision, which must have been very hard for our friends at Rendezvous.
Julian, Jeremy and I and our respective partners went to the ceremony and thoroughly enjoyed the excellent wedding breakfast (at 5pm!) laid on afterwards. Needless to say Steve was the subject of an hilarious speech by his best man (his brother) who related the occasion when as small boys, Steve found an ancient axe and attempted to chop down a telegraph pole with it - of course it all ended in blood, sweat AND tears! It was a lovely day, thanks to Steve and Pam for inviting us along, and the very best of luck to you both.
And yes, I DID wear a pink tie, and as the picture (right) shows, it was even pinker than Julians!

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