Friday, 14 August 2009

The Big Day arrives - it's finally over

Well, I needn't really have worried. My dad's funeral went without a hitch - yes, it was poignant, and yes, there were tears - but the service was outstanding. Few people can have seen the Guard of Honour without developing a massive lump in the throat; then when the piper began practising behind the church there were quite a few tears shed. But that was nothing compared to the procession into the church, led by the piper right to the altar playing Amazing Grace faultlessly.
The vicar had done a superb job of researching my father's background, then my sisters both did a reading, and I was immensely proud of them both - if not a little ashamed of myself for chickening out. Flight Lt Tom Bailey from RAF Linton on Ouse laid a wreath on the coffin, and after the service the piper led us out again. After the coffin was laid in the hearse it was the pipes again, leading the hearse up the road and away from the church.
My father would have been so proud of his send-off, in a way it's a shame he couldn't have seen it all beforehand! Many thanks to all who packed the church today, for a very fine send-off which we will never forget.

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