Monday, 17 August 2009

The Bradshaws

Buzz Hawkins, the man behind The Bradshaws, came for a look round the new Fresh studios today. He came with some great news about the Bradshaws latest venture, and we've brand new feature on the way - my lips are sealed, but stay tuned or sign up as a Fresh VIP on our brand new website - and you never know, you might be the first to hear the latest news! Anyway, linked to this I'm trying to organise a couple of Close up and Personal evenings with the Bradshaws around our region. Buzz and I have already looked at one potential venue in the south of the area, another venue right in the centre of Freshland has expressed an interest in holding an event, and Jenn Mattinson has checked out a third in the northwest. It's all looking very promising, but until details are finalised Bradshaws fans will just have to be patient. If you tune in to Breakfast tomorrow morning though, you could hear something to your advantage!

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