Saturday, 15 August 2009

A man with genuine integrity and talent.

How nice it was to meet a man with genuine integrity today. Sean Wilson left the cast of Coronation Street three years ago after his storyline made him a pretty unsavoury character, and he decided enough was enough. "Martin Platt" had an enormous fanbase from all corners of the globe. When the decision was announced that Sean (AKA Martin Platt) was to leave the Street after 21 years there was a massive public outcry, but the decision was upheld. Perhaps unsurprisingly many people we spoke to today in Skipton Market said they'd stopped watching the soap after he left.
Now Sean's found a totally different outlet for his talent, and has set up the Saddleworth Cheese Company, having enlisted the help and advice of our old friend Bob Kitching, of Leagram Cheeses. Bob has become something of a master cheesemaker since we first met him a few years ago, and chatted to him on Fresh Radio. You may or may not remember his comments about his Sunday morning cheese, which varied in strength and intensity depending on how long his local vicar's sermon went on!
Despite having officially been in the business only a matter of weeks Sean's enthusiasm and obvious talent as a cheesemaker has paid dividends, and he's already won top industry awards. I had a long conversation with him as he promoted his products on the famous Lawson's Cheese stall in Skipton Market today - you can hear what we talked about, and the results of a potted survey about cheese, on Breakfast this coming monday morning. If you're out of our broadcast region go to to listen on line.

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  1. As a Lancashire lass, brought up on Lancashire cheese, I have to say that Sean's cheese tried to day on the Lawsons cheese stall was probably the best I have ever tried.
    James thinks I am a heathen to eat crumbly Lancashire with fruit cake, but its a marriage made in heaven.
    Sean, may you have much success and thanks for the increase in my weight as i havent stopped nibbling the cheese ever since we got it!
    ps, i was amazed but not exactly surprised at how many people said today that they DO NOT watch Corontaion St anymore. Plus, the glances from people saying 'I know that lad from somewhere'!