Sunday, 1 January 2012

A sad day for local radio

I've decided to put one of my Facebook posts into my blog, because today is one of the saddest I can remember - Facebook friends, please bear with me:
How incredibly sad to hear Jeremy Gartland sign off for the final time at Fresh. I learnt new information last night about the future for Fresh, contrary to what I'd been led to believe. I now understand that everybody is to go. 
I feel sad for everybody, but a couple in particular, one whose family is about to expand. He, like the other person I have in mind is a consummate professional and has youth on his side, so hopefully will find something very soon. Another has been constant since he turned up at Fresh, and again will find something - one of the best presenters I've had the pleasure to work with. 
And last but by no means least is Julian. He has put more into Fresh than anyone could possibly imagine, and has kept very quiet about his own circumstances, which have been near impossible to imagine. Julian you're the best - hopefully the "Boys" will be "back in town" some time in the not too distant future. 
This is not the end

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