Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Our best ever location!

Fresh Radio - or Yorkshire Dales Radio as it was originally - has moved three times in its history. We set up by kind permission of Alan Blackwell at Craven College's Aireville Campus, which is where we started broadcasting in 1997. From there we moved to Firth Mills on Firth Street in Skipton, close to Merritt and Fryers, then to the Watermill at Broughton Hall. We moved once in our time at Broughton, from fantastic studios and offices in the Mill to our final resting place in what was known as the Retort House. Alan Watts has very kindly sent me a couple of pictures from our original site, at Craven College. It may look a bit rough and ready, but it worked. We had two good sized studios plus a news booth, and plenty of office space too. There was a fantastic refectory in the college building, and a ready supply of eager media students as well!

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