Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Bronte Vintage Gathering

Finished the news this morning and then made our way (via an extremely interesting route courtesy of the Sat Nav!) up to Cullingworth, for a day out at the 12th annual Bronte Vintage Gathering. I'd set the Sat Nav on Shortest Route; it came up with a warning, but OBVIOUSLY it didn't mean me - so I ignored it! On the plus side, I've seen places today that, despite having lived not more than 10-15 miles away, I can honestly say I've never seen before!

Made a few bob on the Sheep Racing, with magnificent commentary by Andrew Wood, wearing his YFC badge. The blue lamb, bringing up the rear, was obviously not that bothered about getting back to his mum any time soon. Immediately after taking this picture he turned back around and did a couple of circuits of the arena!

Lots of interesting stuff to see, but it was pretty windswept, and not having prepared properly we were both chilled to the bone! The show's on again tomorrow - and the forecast is significantly better!

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  1. Its a great event to visit with lots to see and do. I know what you mean about the weather today tho, nowt was stopping that wind. But the few brief times the sun poked its head out it was warm.

    Glad you had a grand day out.