Tuesday, 20 April 2010

End of an era - and Solid Gold Sunday

It was quite an emotional last quiz at the Unicorn last night. The hotel is closing for around four months, having been bought by Wetherspoons. They're going to spend the time renovating the place before re-opening. What happens after that is anyone's guess, but they have retained the staff, which has to be good news. It's frightening to think we've been doing the quiz there for 20 years, initially for Stray FM in Harrogate before I moved to Fresh Radio. I'm going to miss the regulars - in fact I was quite surprised at how emotional I felt at the end!

Solid Gold Sunday entered its second week this week - I felt a little easier on Sunday night, but it's a long time since I did programmes, so I'm still a bit rusty. Lots and lots of feedback though, and all good, which was nice. Got a night off this coming Sunday to celebrate my birthday, but there'll still be lots of good music while I'm away! Back next week though with the letter C in the ABC of Pop and Rock, another teaser in the Mystery Music Challenge, and some more classic tunes in the "Sloppy Bit" - the last hour of the show.

There's more than 70 members on the Facebook page for the show - look for Fresh Radio's Solid Gold Sunday. It was quite amusing on Sunday night, with all of the feedback coming in via Facebook. Every time someone sent a message an audible pop came out on air! Fortunately I've sussed how to stop it now. Don't forget, if you've any requests or dedications either log onto the Facebook page (and become a friend!) or e-mail me personally at work - james.wilson@freshradio.co.uk

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