Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sell out for the R&B Festival

Who says radio advertising doesn't work??!! I've just had an e-mail from the Great British R&B Festival organisers to say that the first night - Friday - is a sell-out, for the first time in the event's history! They've already noted a tremendous number of ticket sales in our area, so what more proof do you need?! It's the 21st year of the festival, and there's a fantastic line-up. The first I went to was the 10th anniversary, which was quite amazing - but this year looks to surpass even that. It's a great shame Peter Green was forced to pull out (due to health issues) but the remaining line-up is still very impressive indeed. I'm hoping to get along on at least one of the nights, but I guess I'd better get my tickets PDQ!

I want to be a dentist - you get to play with some pretty impressive kit, and you've always got a very attractive assistant to cater for your every whim! I've just been along and had a VERY DEEP filling, according to mine - he said he'd caught it just in time. Could be a little garbled at the quiz tonight, but I must admit, the anaesthetic doesn't seem to last anywhere near as long as it used to do!

I have to thank Andy Batters for a fantastic trip at the weekend. We flew from near Easingwold over the dales (via Gargrave Show) up to the Cumberland Gap on the M6, right across the Howgills, over Ravenstonedale, along the A66 to Richmond, Catterick Garrison, down to Northalleton and back to Easingwold. It was a little "challenging", with a fair amount of turbulence in places, but fantastic fun all the same!

Flying over the Howgills
Gargrave Show from 2,000 feet!

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