Friday, 29 January 2010


I'm staggered, relieved, and a little disappointed*. Following a catalogue of disasters and the imposition of an interest charge of over £1,000 I finally managed to contact the managing director of Homebase Mr Paul Loft. He has now personally intervened and apologised for the situation that has arisen, and cancelled outright the interest charge.

He has now also offered to replace or refund the damaged oven (see previous blogs) for which I have been charged over £700. What tragic irony that I actually took the ruddy thing to the skips JUST LAST WEEKEND, it having sat in my shed all this time. Still, I'm halfway there, and better to meet halfway than lose out altogether. Many thanks must go to Mr Loft for his intervention - it's always good to know there is a human face at the head of these big organisations.

DESPITE the wrecked oven going in the skip, Homebase did agree to replace it. The new oven is now in place, working beautifully!

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