Sunday, 27 December 2009

Big boys toys!

What a way to get over Christmas - more excitement! I got the opportunity to ride the footplate on a steam locomotive today. I was invited down to the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway, where I met up with Crazy Dave Anderson. He introduced me to the train crew, then we set off for Bolton Abbey. I was surprised at the heat coming from the firebox - it was tremendous, and contrasted with a pretty cold afternoon. Needless to say we got plenty of pictures too, a couple of which I've included below.

We're ready to set off to Bolton Abbey (above)

The engine turns around at Bolton Abbey (above)

A very arty view of the funnel, taken by Judith

Me, Crazy Dave, driver Neil Hubbs and the engine's owner


  1. Glad you had a good time!!! We will have to do it again on a warmer day, and then do the tour of the rest of the railway.