Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The (truly) Great Yorkshire Show

I never tire of the Great Yorkshire Show; it's one of those institutions from our region that seems to go from strength to strength. Despite the recession this year's event has so far been largely upbeat and reasonably optimistic. Show director Bill Cowling told us that the farming industry is ahead of UK business in general with regards to the recession, and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There was the occasional bit of bad news though - one farmer told us how her fleeces were worth around 70p, and yet at best it was costing 75p to shear. What happened to the brilliant ideas proposed not too long ago? Sheep wool would replace fibreglass in household insulation; it's the product of the future! Somebody needs to seriously get their finger out and make it happen!
But all in all Julian, myself and the team had a great day out at the show, with lots of live inserts into our programs back in Skipton, on Steve Joy and Dave Metcalfe's programmes. It all worked very well technically too, so thanks must go the the YAS for the excellent facilities they provided for us, and to all who agreed to be interviewed.

They included Sir Ken Morrison who was great, as was Henry Aubrey-Fletcher from the CLA, who talked about the problems people in rural areas face when it comes to getting a decent Broadband connection.
Special thanks must go to Julian and Tiiu though - at one stage I lost my camera and the two of them scoured the showground to find it - and they did! Also to the people at the Rydale stand who looked after the camera; that's where I'd left it!

It's Jason's turn at the show tomorrow; he's got far more stamina than me, so hopefully he'll turn up with some more great stuff from one of the best shows in the country.

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