Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sitooteries and Salterforth Fun Day

A pretty busy weekend ahead, and we're hoping for some sunny weather for once. It's the Salterforth Fun Day on Sunday, and all weekend there's the Sitooteries event at Thornton in Craven. I'm the "compere" at Salterforth, having done so for the last couple of years, and as always we're very much looking forward to it. Lots in store there, including a legendary barbecue grill, with some of the best burgers for miles!

Back to the Sitooteries event though, and it's a name that intrigued me for some time when I first moved over to this area - but now it's something we won't miss. Thornton in Craven has some of the most fantastic gardens you can imagine, but most are hidden from view. This weekend gives everyone the opportunity to see some of the very best, with a tour around lots of them. It's a pretty energetic hike too, with the majority on a steep hillside, and quite a long walk if you want to take in them all. The gardens and village hall are opening in aid of the local church, and for the most energetic if you make it to the furthest you'll be rewarded with a free glass of the most delicious home-made lemonade (you'll need to take your own hip flask if you want anything stronger!) There's always a plant sale where you can pick up some real bargains, and in the village hall there's a selection of home-made cakes, buns and cups of tea. Oh, and the name Sitooteries? Well I'd have thought it was fairly obvious - it's somewhere where you can sit oot - I mean out!

The Fun Day at Salterforth kicks off at Mid-day on Sunday, and I'll be providing the commentary as well as playing all the music. If you reckon you're up to it one of the highlights of the event is the annual run up what's known locally as the Salterforth Drag - I've entered Julian into it this year, as training for the Birdman Challenge at Broughton Game Fair the following weekend. Bet you he doesn't turn up for it though!
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  1. What a great day it was too! Your music and commentary was absolutely superb- when are you coming back on the radio? Love from Jill, Jean and Geoff from Colne